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The Life of a Water Heater

This video (12 minutes) covers all the different factors that can affect the longevity of a water heater, including thermal expansion, pressure changes, and water softeners. This video is an example of an internal request that we created with a number of different audiences in mind, and includes animations on how water heaters work.

PDF handouts – “the recipe for the cooking show”

These PDFs are examples of additionals resources we create to accompany our most requested video topics. These are useful to download to a tablet or to print out for a binder, and act as a quick reference.

“How it Works” Animations

This animated video explains how a specific model of water heater works in a visual way. We are working to create “How it Works” videos for every type of water heater we produce. These animations can stand on their own or be combined with other pieces, and can be cobranded.

Online Tankless Workshop

Now available!

Can’t make it to our hands-on tankless training? We offer an online workshop that covers the same material as our industry-leading tankless class.

Click here for the Online Tankless Workshop