Voltex® AL Smart Heat Pump Certification

TECH Clean California Certification

Heat pump water heaters are the most efficient type of electric water heater and are required under NAECA III for some applications. Heat pump water heaters are easy to install, but do require management of the condensation produced. Heat pump water heaters have built-in diagnostics to make troubleshooting easier. Most problems can be diagnosed with the built-in diagnostics and a multi-meter.

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This comprehensive online workshop includes video modules that we recommend watching in order. At the end of this course, there is an online certification test. Upon passing with a 70% on the test, you will be able to download your certificate in PDF form.

A. O. Smith Voltex® 120v Sales Sheet

California Gas to Heat Pump Conversion Sheet

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A. O. Smith Voltex® 120v Sales Sheet
California Gas to Heat Pump Conversion Sheet

General Water Heater Videos

1. Tools of the Trade (20 minutes)
2. Water Conditions (10 minutes)

3. Thermal Expansion (9 minutes)
4. Annual Water Heater Maintenance Checklist (2 minutes)

Downloadable versions
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PDF – Water Heater Maintenance

Heat Pump Videos

5: Heat Pump Water Heater Installation (7:17 min)
6: Converting Gas to Electric Heat Pump (4:47)

7: Smart Heat Pump Application and Installation (13:16)
8: Heat Pump How it Works (1:03)
9: Replacing the Upper Element (4:22)
10: Replacing the Lower Element (4:23)
11: Condensate Pump Install (1:42)
12: Shut-off Valve install (1:27)
Certification Test

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