When it comes to high-efficiency tankless water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of A. O. Smith. With higher efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, our tankless water heaters feature non-condensing and condensing technology and are part of a new era in water heating.

Benefits of Gas Tankless Water Heaters

  • Continuous Hot Water – Gas tankless water heaters give you continuous hot water on demand. When paired with a recirculation pump, they provide guaranteed instant hot water.
  • Space Savings – A. O. Smith’s natural gas and propane tankless water heaters can be mounted inside or outside (depending on your region) to save space within your home.
  • Energy Savings – Gas tankless water heaters only heat your water when you need it, which can reduce energy costs. Paired with A. O. Smith’s 15-year tankless limited warranty, gas tankless models can be a smart, money-saving solution for your home.
  • Ultra-Low NOx options are available

Certified Tankless Installer Training Course

Get Certified Today

This course includes an online certification test. Upon passing with a 70% on the test, you will be able to download your Certificate in PDF form.

Certified Tankless Installer Training Course - Installation (25 minutes)

Certified Tankless Installer Training Course - Installation-Related Troubleshooting (14 minutes)

Certified Tankless Installer Training Course Test

Online Tankless Workshop

Can’t make it to our hands-on tankless training? We offer an online workshop that covers the same material as our industry-leading tankless class.

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