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Monthly Rep LIVE Shows

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NEW 120V Plug-In Heat Pump

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    Field Service Engineering

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    Residential Technical Support
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    Payment Resolution

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    Order Entry
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    Training Resources

Monthly Contractor LIVE Shows

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General Knowledge

  • A. O. Smith History
  • A Water Heater’s Life
  • Water Heater Maintenance

Virtual Campus:

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How To:

  • Warranty Claim Rep Show
  • File a Claim – Distributors
  • File a Claim – Contracted Service Provider
  • Verifying a Warranty
  • Entering a Parts Claim
  • Entering a Service Claim
  • Researching a Service Claim
  • Sizing Tool
  • Onboard a CSP
  • Marketing Programs

Common Documents:

How It Works – Residential

  • How It Works – Standard Electric
  • How It Works – Energy Saver
  • How It Works – Heat Pump
  • How It Works – Standard Gas
  • How It Works – Power Vent Gas
  • How It Works – Power Direct Vent
  • Features & Benefits – Vertex 76
  • Features & Benefits – Vertex 100

How It Works – Commercial

  • Features & Benefits – Standard Electric
  • How It Works – Light Duty
  • How It Works – Heavy Duty
  • How It Works – Heat Pump
  • How It Works – Multi Flue
  • How It Works – Polaris
  • Features & Benefits – Modulating High Efficiency
  • Features & Benefits – Modulating Large Volume

How It Works – Commercial Tankless

  • Non-condensing Tankless
  • Pump Model Tankless
  • Tanlkess Installation