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HD SD PPT – HDS Products Used in Video PDF – Mechanical Residential Gas Valve Troubleshooting PDF – Electronic Residential Gas Valve Troubleshooting

Parts Needed:

Electrical Test Kit

Klein® 600 Volt AC/DC 400 Amp AC Auto Ranging Digital Clampmeter

Single Input Electronic Manometer

SharkBite® Push-Fit Contractor Kit

AO Smith Gas Control Valve Assembly

Piezo Igniter & Bracket Assembly


Step By Step

Step 1 — No Hot Water (Status Light Not Flashing)

Check status light on gas valve. The pilot must be lit for the status light to flash. If status light is not flashing, try relighting the pilot using instructions on water heater. The pilot can be hard to see, so you may need to dim the room lights.

Step 2 — Pilot Won’t Light (Gas Supply Problem)

If the pilot doesn’t light, check igniter (look for spark). If no spark, check igniter wires. If igniter sparks, it’s likely a gas supply problem. Make sure the main gas valve is on. Make sure the control knob is fully pushed in. Check the gas pressure using a manometer or gauge. If new installation, bleed air from the gas line.

Step 3 — Pilot Lights

After pilot lights, continue to hold the control knob in for 90 seconds. Status light must flash once per second for water heater to operate. For any other flash codes, consult Instruction Manual.

Step 4 — Status Light Doesn’t Flash (Electrical Problem)

If the status light does not flash when pilot is lit, there is likely an electrical problem. Press the reset button on the Thermal Switch. If Thermal Switch tripped, you should hear or feel a click.

Step 5 — Thermal Switch Didn’t Trip

If the thermal switch didn’t trip, check the thermopile. Set meter to millivolts. Open the back of the connector and check millivolts on connector terminals. Pilot must be lit. If the reading is below 350mV replace the thermopile. If the reading is above 350mV, and all wiring connections are secure, replace the gas valve.

Step 6 — Thermal Switch Tripped (Air Supply Problem)

If the thermal switch tripped, it is likely an air supply problem. Clean air filter and flame arrestor. Room must supply adequate air. Conduct “draft test.” Turn main burner on. After five minutes of main burner operation, smoke source should be drawn into draft hood. If not, you have an air supply/venting problem.